Wall Therapy x Roc Paint Division!

We couldn’t be prouder to share that three of our 2017 alumni will be representing Roc Paint Division at Wall Therapy this year!


Back in May, the organizers of Wall Therapy approached us about having a crew of our youth artists hold their own as muralists in this year’s event.  With the theme of “Arts and Activism,” it felt like a great fit right from the beginning.

The youth artists chosen to represent Roc Paint Division this year are high school graduate Etana Browne, senior Nzinga Muhammad, and senior Kaori-Mei Stephens. All 17 years old, these ladies are officially the youngest artists ever to be included on the Wall Therapy roster. (Check out the full list of artists here) 


Starting Monday July 24, this team of young women will be painting a mural at the Flying Squirrel Community Space, located on Clarissa Street in the Corn Hill neighborhood. Our program staff Brittany, Justin, and Lisa will be assisting them as needed, but this mural is 100% their voices, their work, their own. We are thrilled to support this crew in this extraordinary opportunity! Their concept and sketch are, to say the least radical and impressive –  check back this week for more details as their progress unfolds. 🙂


If that wasn’t cool enough, Nzinga, Mei, Etana, Brittany, and Lisa will also be speaking on a panel at  Arts and Activism- the First Annual Wall Therapy Conference on Saturday, July 29th. Their panel, entitled “Education and Empowerment: Enabling the Voice of the next Generation” , will highlight their experiences within the Roc Paint Division program and beyond.

We’re stoked! Stay tuned this week and make sure to follow @walltherapyny and @rocpaintdivision on social media to see our progress!