One month in.

Its hard to believe we are already 5 weeks into the third season of Roc Paint Division. We will start introducing the rest of our teamof artists next week, but in the meantime, here’s a progress report of sorts regarding what we’ve been working on so far. Each of our youth are working on a personal piece related to the theme of representation-they’ll be sharing a bit about the concepts behind them in their intros. This gives everyone a chance to practice their painting skills on their own terms before we move on to bigger team projects.





Anyone familiar with Roc Paint Division will recognize the image of stencils being painstakingly cut out. In years past our artists have spent a good chunk of time in the beginning of program each cutting their own 4-5 layer stencil. This year we had a little bit of mercy on our artists (sorry, Roc Paint alumni…) and are instead cutting several stencils as a group. It makes for a nice break from painting and gives us the chance to work together on something we will be able to use over and over in our murals as we get started. blog3-7blog3-4


We’ve also reached an especially exciting early landmark stage in the program- getting started on our first large-scale projects as a team. Our first R-Center contributions come in the form of panels that, once completed, will be installed in the centers, giving our artists the chance to start learning new artistic processes in the comfort of our home base at the lodge. Next week we will talk more our youth artists’ roles in the designs of these panels! blog3-9

blog3-6Youth artists Nari has been the first to start experimenting with photography as part of this program, and took this great shot of Nzinga’s piece and work station while learning the basics of how to use our camera. 

Speaking of Roc Paint alumni- we were thrilled to have one of our all-star youth muralists from 2017 stop in for a visit a few weeks back. Etana worked with us last year and was also part of the the Roc Paint Wall Therapy team last year, after graduating from World of Inquiry School #58 in June(!). She’s currently working at Rochester General Hospital and had a chance to stop in on her afternoon off.  Etana had a particularly memorable experience working on the collaborative collage/painting exercise early in the program last year, and she had the chance to share her insights with our group while they worked on this year’s version of the same project.



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