Roc Paint 2018: Welcome to Season Three.

We are so excited to share that the third season of Roc Paint Division is officially underway!  We’re one week in and are having a great time getting to know our new crew of ELEVEN youth artists- three more than last year!  They’ll begin introducing themselves here in the next few weeks, but for now, here’s a look at how we are starting off the program this season.


Juts like last year, our first painting project will focus on refreshing the walls in our headquarters at Marketview Lodge, giving us a chance to learn basic painting skills and techniques before moving onto more elaborate murals. On day 1, the group was tasked with working together to choose the colors- given free range over the color wheel, with the only stipulation being that there had to be a clear group consensus in order to move forward.


Our first featured guest of the year was the mythical and multitalented Erich Lehman, co-founder of Wall Therapy  and founder of gallery 1975. He shared the story of his journey from a young skateboarder and t-shirt collector to his present-day multifaceted roles in Rochester’s art community.

We also gave the floor to our two seasoned Roc Paint veterans, Mei and Nzinga, so they could share their experience working as muralists in Wall Therapy this summer. We are thrilled to have two returning team members and are so excited to see them take on leadership roles within the group this year.


One exciting change this year: after two seasons creating beautiful the theme of Growth for our murals, we decided: its time to switch it up. We spent the second half of Thursday discussing and brainstorming potential themes for this year, and by the end of the evening had narrowed it down to four finalists: Dream and Imagination, Culture and Representation, Love, and Transition. The youth artists spent some unstructured time thinking about and sharing potential concepts for each, and we plan on finalizing our decision this week.


We also handed out sketchbooks to the crew and they got started on personalizing them……It will be fun to see them fill up over the next 19 weeks.

We have lots of exciting things coming up in the next few weeks- stay tuned!


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