About Us

We are Roc Paint Division


Roc Paint Division is the City of Rochester’s Youth Mural Arts Program.

Created in the fall of 2015, Roc Paint Division’s mission is to beautify the city’s R-Centers through mural arts while providing employment and training opportunities to young developing artists.

The program formally launched in early 2016, under the leadership of local painters Sarah C. Rutherford, Justin Suarez and photographer Lisa Barker. During the pilot 13-week program, they worked with a team of seven youth to create murals at 6 of the City’s R-Centers. The murals were unified by their common theme of growth, chosen in part to acknowledge the major role that the R-Centers play in the lives of the young people who spend time there during their formative years.

January 2020 marks the beginning of the project’s fifth season, led by Public Art Coordinators Justin Suarez, Brittany Williams and Sarah C. Rutherford. This year’s crew of fourteen young artists will be charged with collaborating on the process of creating this year’s murals- from the brainstorming stage all the way to signing off on the final completed pieces.

Each week we will be sharing our progress and introducing members of our team. Follow along to share this journey with us.